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[2016-NEW!] 70-246 New Questions and Answers — Everybody Needs To Download For 100% Passing Exam (Question 31 – Question 60)

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Your company has a private cloud that is managed by using a System Center 2012 infrastructure. You deploy an application visualization solution. You deploy a server named Server1, and then you install the Remote Desktop Services server role. Server1 is monitored by using Operations Manager. You deploy a virtualized application named App1 to Server1. You need to set the state of Server1 to critical if CPU utilization by App1 exceeds 80 percent for five minutes. What should you create?

A.    a rule
B.    a monitor
C.    a service level objective (SLO)
D.    an event subscription
E.    a synthetic transaction

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(New Updated) Learning The New Microsoft 70-246 182q Exam Dumps With New Exam Questions To Pass Exam (41-60)

How To Prepare The Exam 70-246 and To 100 Percent Pass It Without Any Problem? As far as I know that the latest 70-246 exam was updated with a lot of new exam questions, old version 70-246 exam dumps are not valid at all, you should get the newest 70-246 182q practice tests or brain dumps to prepare it. Now, one of the famous IT Certification Study Guide Supplyers — PassLeader just published the new 70-246 practice tests with PDF dumps and VCE test software, which have been corrected with many new questions and will help you passing exam easily. Visit www.passleader.com/70-246.html now and get the premium 70-246 182q exam dumps with new version VCE Player for free download.

Your company has a private cloud that is managed by using a System Center 2012 infrastructure. An administrator installs a new tape drive on a server that has Data Protection Manager (DPM) installed. You discover that the tape drive is unavailable from the DPM Administrator console. You verify that the tape drive is installed correctly on the DPM server. You need to ensure that the tape drive is available from the DPM Administrator console. What should you do from the DPM Administrator console?

A.    From the Agents view, click Install.
B.    From the Disks tab, click Add.
C.    From the Protection view, click Tape.
D.    From the Libraries view, click Rescan.

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