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[Feb-2016 Update] Real PassLeader 2V0-621 Braindumps And VCE Dumps Ensure 100 Percent Exam Passing (81-100)

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Which two supported tools can be used to upgrade virtual machine hardware? (Choose two.)

A.    vSphere Web Client
B.    vSphere Update Manager
C.    vmware-vmupgrade.exe
D.    esxcli vm hardware upgrade

Answer: AB

What are three recommended prerequisites before upgrading virtual machine hardware? (Choose three.)

A.    Create a backup or snapshot of the virtual machine
B.    Upgrade VMware Tools to the latest version
C.    Verify that the virtual machine is stored on VMFS3, VMFS5, or NFS datastores
D.    Detach all CD-ROM/ISO images from the virtual machines
E.    Set the Advanced Parameter virtualHW.version = 11

Answer: ABC

An administrator wants to upgrade to vCenter Server 6.x. The vCenter Server:
– Is hosted on a virtual machine server running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, with 8 vCPUs and 16GB RAM.
– Will have an embedded Platform Services Controller.
– Hosts a Large Environment with 1,000 ESXi hosts and 10,000 Virtual Machines.
Why does the vCenter Server not meet the minimum requirements?

A.    Windows Server 2008 R2 is not a supported Operating System for vCenter Server.
B.    The virtual machine has insufficient resources for the environment size.
C.    The environment is too large to be managed by a single vCenter Server.
D.    The Platform Services Controller must be changed to an External deployment.

Answer: B

An administrator has upgraded a Distributed vCenter Server environment from 5.5 to 6.0. What is the next step that should be taken?

A.    vCenter Inventory Service must be manually stopped and removed.
B.    vCenter Inventory Service must be changed from manual to automatic.
C.    vCenter Inventory Service must be manually stopped and restarted.
D.    vCenter Inventory Service must be changed from automatic to manual.

Answer: A

When upgrading vCenter Server, an administrator notices that the upgrade fails at the vCenter Single Sign- On installation. What must be done to allow the upgrade to complete?

A.    Verify that the VMware Directory service can stop by manually restarting it.
B.    Verify that the vCenter Single Sign-On service can stop by manually restarting it.
C.    Uninstall vCenter Single Sign-On service.
D.    Uninstall the VMware Directory service.

Answer: A

During a vCenter Server upgrade, an ESXi 6.x host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails. Which statement is true?

A.    HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host during the vCenter Server upgrade process.
B.    HA is unavailable during the vCenter Server upgrade process.
C.    HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host after the vCenter Server upgrade completes.
D.    HA will successfully vMotion the virtual machines during the host failure.

Answer: A

An administrator is upgrading a vCenter Server Appliance and wants to ensure that all the prerequisites are met. What action must be taken before upgrading the vCenter Server Appliance?

A.    Install the Client Integration Plug-in.
B.    Install the database client.
C.    Install the ODBC connector.
D.    Install the Update Manager Plug-in.

Answer: A

An administrator is upgrading vCenter Server and sees this error:
– The DB User entered does not have the required permissions needed to install and configure vCenter Server with the selected DB.
– Please correct the following error(s): %s
Which two statements explain this error? (Choose two.)

A.    The database is set to an unsupported compatibility mode.
B.    The permissions for the database are incorrect.
C.    The permissions for vCenter Server are incorrect.
D.    The database server service has stopped.

Answer: AB

Which two vCenter Server services are migrated automatically as part of an upgrade from a Distributed vCenter Server running 5.x? (Choose two.)

A.    vCenter Single Sign-on Service
B.    vSphere Web Client
C.    vSphere Inventory Service
D.    Storage Policy Based Management

Answer: BC

What command line utility can be used to upgrade an ESXi host?

A.    esxcli
B.    esxupdate
C.    vihostupdate
D.    esxcfg

Answer: A


Which log file would you examine to identify an issue which occurred during the pre-upgrade phase of a vCenter Server upgrade process?

A.    vcdb_req.out
B.    vcdb_export.out
C.    vcdb_import.out
D.    vcdb_inplace.out

Answer: A

Which three statements are true when restoring a Resource Pool Tree? (Choose three.)

A.    Distributed Resource Scheduler must be set to manual.
B.    Restoring a snapshot can only be done on the same cluster from which it was taken.
C.    No other resource pools can be present in the cluster.
D.    Restoring a resource pool tree must be done in the vSphere Web Client.
E.    Enabling Enhanced vMotion Compatibility on the cluster is required.

Answer: BCD

An administrator has created a resource pool named Marketing HTTP with a Memory Limit of 24 GB and a CPU Limit of 10,000 MHz. The Marketing HTTP resource pool contains three virtual machines:
– Mktg-SQL has a memory reservation of 16 GB.
– Mktg-App has a memory reservation of 6 GB.
– Mktg-Web has a memory reservation of 4 GB.
What would happen if all three virtual machines are powered on?

A.    All three virtual machines can power on, but will have memory contention.
B.    All three virtual machines can power on without memory contention.
C.    Only two of the three virtual machines can power on.
D.    Only one of the virtual machines can power on.

Answer: C

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator has configured a vSphere 6.x DRS cluster as shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    A virtual machine can be powered on in the Test Resource Pool with a 6 GB Memory Reservation.
B.    A virtual machine can be powered on in the Dev Resource Pool with a 8 GB Memory Reservation.
C.    A virtual machine from both the Test Resource Pool and the Dev Resource Pool can be powered on with a 4 GB Memory Reservation.
D.    No more virtual machines can be powered on due to insufficient resources.

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. An administrator has created the DRS cluster shown in the Exhibit.

Based on the exhibit, which statement is true?

A.    Under CPU contention, Prod-VM1 receives four times the CPU resources than Test-VM1.
B.    The Prod-VM1 will always have more CPU resources than all other virtual machines.
C.    The Test-VM2 will always have less CPU resources than all other virtual machines.
D.    Under CPU contention, Test-VM1 will receive 25% of the total CPU resources.

Answer: A

VMware vSphere Replication protects virtual machines from partial or complete site failures by replicating the virtual machines between which three sites? (Choose three.)

A.    From a source site to a target site.
B.    From within a single site from one cluster to another.
C.    From multiple source sites to a shared remote target site.
D.    From a single source site to multiple remote target sites.
E.    From multiple source sites to multiple remote target sites.

Answer: ABC

Which two capabilities does the vSphere Replication Client Plug-in provide? (Choose two.)

A.    Configure connections between vSphere Replication Sites.
B.    Deploy and register additional vSphere Replication Servers.
C.    Reconfigure the vSphere Replication Server.
D.    Configure an external database for a vSphere Replication Site.

Answer: AB

A vSphere Replication user needs to connect a source site to a target site. What privilege is needed at both sites?

A.    VRM remote.Manage VRM
B.    VRM datastore mapper.Manage
C.    Host.vSphere Replication.Manage replication
D.    Virtual machine.vSphere Replication.Manage replication

Answer: A

Which three parameters should be considered when calculating the bandwidth for vSphere Replication? (Choose three.)

A.    Data change rate
B.    Traffic rates
C.    Link speed
D.    Application type
E.    Hardware type

Answer: ABC

When importing an existing SSL certificate into vSphere Replication Server, which file format is required?

A.    PKCS#12
B.    DER
C.    PEM
D.    PKCS#7

Answer: A


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