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[31/July/2018 Updated] Download PassLeader 2V0-761 VCE Practice Test And PDF Study Guide Collection (Part A)

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Which authentication method supports Mobile SSO?

A.    LDAP
B.    Fingerprint authentication
C.    Integrated Windows Authentication
D.    SAML

Answer: C

Which three VMware products can integrate with the VMware Unified Access Gateway? (Choose three.)

A.    VMware AirWatch
B.    VMware Horizon
C.    VMware Mirage
D.    VMware Fusion
E.    VMware NSX

Answer: ABE

Where can an administrator subscribe to reports in Workspace ONE?

A.    VMware Workspace ONE app
B.    Workspace ONE Identity Manager Console
C.    VMware Unified Access Gateway
D.    Workspace ONE UEM Console

Answer: B

Which two resources can be enabled from Horizon Cloud for Workspace ONE users? (Choose two.)

A.    VMware Horizon Application Management Bundle
B.    VMware Horizon Desktops
C.    VMware Horizon Applications
D.    VMware Horizon Workspace Suite
E.    VMware Horizon ThinApp

Answer: BC

Which three occur on an Android device when it goes through Adaptive Management and becomes Workspace ONE Managed? (Choose three.)

A.    The Android for Work version of VMware Workspace ONE app gets activated.
B.    The Android device immediately goes through Android OS update.
C.    The Android device prompts user to backup internal storage to Google Cloud.
D.    The Work folder gets created on the Android device.
E.    The original VMware Workspace ONE app gets activated.

Answer: ABD

Which of the following criteria can an admin use to create a smart group? (Choose three.)

A.    User Group
B.    Device Serial Number
C.    Device IMEI Number
D.    Platform and Operating System
E.    Device Model
F.    Device Compliance Status

Answer: ADE

What three on-premise components require a Public IP address? (Choose three.)

A.    AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC)
B.    Database Server
C.    Secure Email Gateway (SEG)
D.    Unified Access Gateway – Content Gateway service
E.    Unified Access Gateway – VMware Tunnel service
F.    Integration Broker

Answer: CDF

Which two ways can AirWatch Managed Content be assigned to users? (Choose two.)

A.    Smart Group
B.    Functional Group
C.    Organization Group
D.    Domains Group
E.    User Group

Answer: AC

Which productivity application requires the device to be Workspace ONE managed?

A.    VMware Content Locker
B.    VMware Boxer
C.    VMware Tunnel
D.    VMware Browser

Answer: B

What setting would need to be modified to prevent a user from performing an enterprise wipe on their device from the Self Service Portal?

A.    AirWatch Agent Setting
B.    User Role
C.    Device Ownership type
D.    Device Restriction profile

Answer: C

A company is currently using PowerShell integration with Office 365 as an email solution. Which PowerShell command can be used for retrieving a list of devices in your organization that have active Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync partnerships?

A.    Get-ActiveSyncDeviceClass
B.    Get-Mailbox –Identity $identity
C.    Get-MobileDevice –Mailbox $mailbox
D.    Set–ActiveSyncMailBoxPolicy

Answer: A

How many access policy sets can an administrator associate to a web app?

A.    1
B.    3
C.    4
D.    2

Answer: D

A company has an organization group which is used only to register devices for executives. The administrator has noticed that employees are using that Group ID to register their own devices without authorization. How can the administrator prevent future registrations into this organization group?

A.    Create a Terms of Use and for registration into the organization group.
B.    Publish a Restriction Profile to devices in the organization group.
C.    Make the Group ID blank for the organization group.
D.    Create an enrollment restriction for the organization group.

Answer: D

What Android device requirement must be met to push an application from the Google Play Store and have it silently install on a device?

A.    Register with Android Enterprise
B.    Google Developer access
C.    G-Suite compatible
D.    Supervised

Answer: C

Which uses the built-in Kerberos Distribution Center service to authenticate requests?

A.    Android Mobile SSO
B.    VMware Unified Access Gateway
C.    iOS Mobile SSO
D.    Windows Hello

Answer: C

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