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[30/July/2018 Updated] Premium PassLeader PSE-Platform – Professional 60q Exam Questions with VCE Test Software For Free Download (Part B)

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An SE is preparing an SLR report for a school and wants to emphasize URL filtering capabilities because the school is concerned that its students are accessing inappropriate websites. The URL categories being chosen by default in the report are not highlighting these types of websites. How should the SE show the customer the firewall can detect that these websites are being accessed?

A. Remove unwanted categories listed under "High Risk" and use relevant information.
B. Create a footnote within the SLR generation tool.
C. Edit the Key-Findings text to list the other types of categories that may be of interest.
D. Produce the report and edit the PDF manually.

Answer: A

What are the two group options for database when creating a custom report? (Choose two.)

A. Oracle
C. Detailed Logs
D. Summary Databases

Answer: CD

A customer is concerned about malicious activity occurring directly on their endpoints and not visible to their firewalls. Which three actions does Traps execute during a security event beyond ensuring the prevention of this activity? (Choose three.)

A. Informs WildFire and sends up a signature to the Cloud.
B. Collects forensic information about the event.
C. Communicates the status of the endpoint to the ESM.
D. Notifies the user about the event.
E. Remediates the event by deleting the malicious file.

Answer: BCD

What is the HA limitation specific to the PA-200 appliance?

A. Can be deployed in either an active/passive or active/active HA pair.
B. Can only synchronize configurations and does not support session synchronization.
C. Has a dedicated HA1 and HA2 ports, but no HA3.
D. Is the only Palo Alto Networks firewall that does not have any HA capabilities.

Answer: B

How many recursion levels are supported for compressed files in PAN-OS 8.0?

A. 2
B. 5
C. 4
D. 3

Answer: D

A customer is seeing an increase in the number of malicious files coming in from undetectable sources in their network. These files include doc and .pdf file types. The customer believes that someone has clicked an email that might have contained a malicious file type. The customer already uses a firewall with User-ID enabled. Which feature must also be enabled to prevent these attacks?

A. WildFire
B. App-ID
C. Custom App-ID rules
D. Content Filtering

Answer: A

Which two components must to be configured within User-ID on a new firewall that has been implemented? (Choose two.)

A. Group Mapping
B. 802.1X Authentication
C. Proxy Authentication
D. User Mapping

Answer: AD

When a customer creates a new SLR report, what is the first step in generating a proper SLR report once logged in to the Partner Portal?

A. Click the “Track my deals” button to view your open Opportunities.
B. Scroll down and click the “New Security Lifecycle Review” button.
C. Click the “Select files…” button and find the relevant statsdump file on your local machine and click Upload.
D. Select the appropriate Opportunity.

Answer: A

Which three items contain information about Command and Control (C&C) hosts? (Choose three.)

A. Threat logs
B. Data filtering logs
C. Botnet reports
D. SaaS reports
E. WildFire analysts reports

Answer: BCE

Which option is required to activate/retrieve a Device Management License on the M.100 Appliance after the Auth Codes have been activated on the Palo Alto Networks Support Site?

A. Generate a Tech Support File and call PANTAC.
B. Select Device > Licenses and click activate feature using authorization code.
C. Select PANORAMA > Licenses and click Activate feature using authorization code.
D. Generate a State Dump File and upload it to the Palo Alto Network support portal.

Answer: C

What are three considerations when deploying User-ID? (Choose three.)

A. Enable WMI probing in high security networks.
B. User-ID can support a maximum of 15 hops.
C. Specify included and excluded networks when configuring User-ID.
D. Use a dedicated service account for User-ID services with the minimal permissions necessary.
E. Only enable User-ID on trusted zones.

Answer: ACD

A price sensitive customer wants to prevent attacks on a windows 2008 Virtual Server. The server will max out at 100Mbps but needs to have 45,000 sessions to connect to multiple hosts within a data center. Which VM instance should be used to secure the network by this customer?

A. VM-200
B. VM-100
C. VM-300
D. VM-50

Answer: D

Which variable is used to regulate the rate of file submission to WildFire?

A. Based on the purchase license.
B. Maximum number of files per minute.
C. Available bandwidth.
D. Maximum number of files per day.

Answer: B

Which four steps of the cyberattack lifecycle dose the Palo Alto Networks platform present? (Choose four.)

A. Breach the perimeter
B. Exfiltrate data
C. Weaponries vulnerabilities
D. Deliver the malware
E. Recon the target
F. Lateral movement

Answer: ABDF

Which certificate can be used to ensure that traffic coming from a specific server remains encrypted?

A. Forward entrust
B. SSL exclude certificate
C. Forward trust
D. SSL inbound inspection

Answer: B

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