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A.    DRS will balance VMs when a network resource pool is configured for VMs. B.    DRS will balance VMs when Network I/O Control is enabled. C.    DRS will place VMs on initial boot for hosts that have network utilization lower than the threshold. D.    DRS will vMotion VMs when network utilization is higher than the threshold on a particular host. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 271 What are two requirements in order to restore a Resource Pool Tree from a snapshot? (Choose two.) A.    A restore can only be performed on the same cluster the snapshot was taken from. B.    vSphere DRS must be turned on. C.    vSphere DRS must be turned off. D.    A restore can only be performed on a vSphere DRS cluster within the original vCenter Server. Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 272 What new feature is introduced in NFS 4.1 on ESXi 6.5? A.    Storage DRS B.    KRB5i C.    IPv6 D.    AUTH_SYS Answer: C NEW QUESTION 273 How can a vSphere administrator ensure that a set of virtual machines run on different hosts in a DRS cluster? A.    Add the VMs to a vApp. B.    Use a VM-Host affinity rule. C.    Place the VMs in different folders. D.    Use a VM-VM affinity rule. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 274 What availability mode does vCenter HA provide? A.    Active-Standby B.    Load-balanced C.    Active-Passive D.    Active-Active Answer: C NEW QUESTION 275 To prevent possible failures or issues during a vSphere upgrade, which component should be upgraded first? A.    virtual machines B.    datastores C.    ESXi Hosts D.    vCenter Server Answer: A NEW QUESTION 276 A vSphere Administrator has VM Component Protection (VMCP) enabled, but the VM was not restarted when one of the VMFS datastores experienced an All Paths Down (APD) failure. What two scenarios would explain why the virtual machine was not restarted? (Choose two.) A.    Insufficient Capacity is available on the failover ESXi hosts. B.    VM Monitoring is required in order for VMCP to failover during an APD event. C.    VMware Tools is not installed on the guest operating system for the VM. D.    The APD failure was corrected before the VM could be restarted. Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 277 What is the default space threshold for vSphere Storage DRS? A.    90% B.    70% C.    95% D.    80% Answer: D Explanation: Load balancing based on Space and IO: Storage DRS dynamically balance the Storage DRS cluster imbalance based on Space and IO threshold set. Default space threshold per datastore is 80% and default IO latency threshold is 15ms. NEW QUESTION 278 Restoration of the vCenter Server Appliance is accomplished using which interface? A.    vSphere Client B.    vCenter Server ApplianceGUI Installer C.    vSphere Web Client D.    vCenter Server ApplianceMenagement Interface Answer: D NEW QUESTION 279 What VM Monitoring setting would ensure that the maximum reset window for a virtual machine is 24 hours? A.    Normal B.    Low C.    High D.    Medium Answer: D Explanation: NEW QUESTION 280 Group A has permission to download files in Content Library. Group B does not have permission to download files in Content Library. If a user is a member of both groups, what will be the result? A.    The user can access Content Library. B.    The user cannot download file from Content Library. C.    The user cannot access Content Library. D.    The user can download file from Content Library. Answer: B Explanation: Permission inheritance (not in any order): * Permissions are additive if not in conflict so user gets permissions from both groups. * Permissions at lower level in hierarchy has precedence. * Permissions on user has precedence over Group * Deny permissions has precedence over Allow. NEW QUESTION 281 Which is the correct sequence to upgrade a vSphere infrastructure? A.    vCenter Server > ESXi host > VMware Tools > VM compatibility B.    vCenter Server > ESXi host > VM compatibility > VMware Tools C.    ESXi host > vCenter Server > VMware Tools > VM compatibility D.    ESXi host > vCenter Server > VM compatibility > VMware Tools Answer: A NEW QUESTION 282 When attempting to migrate a virtual machine to another host in the same cluster, the error message "Select a valid compute resource" returns. What could cause this error? A.    VMware Tools is not installed. B.    Both hosts are not sharing the same datastore. C.    Virtual machine has an ISO attached. D.    Both hosts run different versions of ESXi. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 283 Which two statements are true for a vCenterServer user account that is used for vSphere Data Protection (VDP)? (Choose two.) A.    The password for the user account cannot contain spaces. B.    The user account should be created in the Single Sign-On domain. C.    The user account must be assigned with Administrator role. D.    The user account cannot inherit required permissions from a group role. Answer: AC Explanation: For the vCenter server account used for vSphere data protection, the user account must have administrator role and the password for the user account should not contain spaces. NEW QUESTION 284 Which two tasks should a vSphere administrator perform if the vmkernel.log reports VMFS metadata errors? (Choose two.) A.    reformat the datastore B.    ignore the messages C.    contact VMware technical support D.    check the device with VOMA Answer: CD Explanation: Use vSphere On-disk Metadata Analyser (VOMA) to identify and fix incidents of metadata corruption that affect file systems or underlying logical volumes ...... NEW QUESTION 285 When using VMware Converter to import a Windows server and improve the consistency of the destination virtual machine, which optional step can be performed immediately prior to powering down the source server? A.    Uninstall production applications. B.    Perform a final synchronization task. C.    Remove the server from the Active Directory domain. D.    Remove the server from the network. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 286 Which three statements are correct regarding booting an ESXi Host from Fibre Giannel SAN? (Choose three.) A.    Direct connect topology is supported. B.    Multipathing to a boot LUN on an active-passive array is supported. C.    ESXi hosts do not require local storage. D.    Each host must have its own boot LUN. E.    Hosts can share one common boot LUN. Answer: ABC Explanation: When you use boot from SAN with multiple ESXi hosts, each host must have its own boot LUN. If you configure multiple hosts to share the same boot LUN, ESXi image corruption is likely to occur. Multipathing to a boot LUN on active-passive arrays is not supported because the BIOS does not support multipathing and is unable to activate a standby path. NEW QUESTION 287 Which two storage technologies are supported for MSCS? (Choose two.) A.    VAAI B.    NFS C.    iSCSI D.    FC Answer: CD NEW QUESTION 288 Which statement regarding datastore clusters meets VMware's recommended best practices? A.    Clusters should contain only datastores presented from the same storage array. B.    Clusters should contain only datastores with equal hardware acceleration capability. C.    Clusters should contain only datastores using the same connection method (iSCSI, FC, etc.). D.    Clusters should contain only datastores with the same capacity. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 289 When will vSphere Data Protection delete the expired backup image of a Platform Service Controller? A.    After the expired backup image is restored. B.    During the next backup window following expiry. C.    During the next maintenance window following expiry. D.    Immediately after the retention period has expired. Answer: D Explanation: During maintenance periods, VDP examines the backups in the appliance and evaluates whether the backup retention period has expired. If it as expired, VDP removes the expired backup from the appliance. NEW QUESTION 290 ...... Download the newest PassLeader 2V0-622D dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 2V0-622D PDF dumps & 2V0-622D VCE dumps: (297 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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