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A.    enable DLP and select .exe and .bat file type B.    enable .exe & .bat protection in IPS Policy C.    create FW rule for particular protocol D.    tecli advanced attribute set prohibited_file_types exe,bat Answer: D Explanation: NEW QUESTION 507 The fwd process on the Security Gateway sends logs to the fwd process on the Management Server via which two processes? (Choose two.) A.    fwd via cpm B.    fwm via fwd C.    cpm via cpd D.    fwd via cpd Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 508 To help SmartEvent determine whether events originated internally or externally you must define using the initial settings under General Settings in the Policy Tab. How many options are available to calculate the traffic direction? A.    5: Network, Host, Objects, Services, API. B.    3: Incoming, Outgoing, Network. C.    2: Internal, External. D.    4: Incoming, Outgoing, Internal, Other. Answer: D Explanation: NEW QUESTION 509 In a ClusterXL high-availability environment, what MAC address will answer for Virtual IP in the default configuration? A.    MAC address of Active Member. B.    Virtual MAC Address. C.    MAC Address of Standby Member. D.    MAC Address of Management Server. Answer: A Explanation: NEW QUESTION 510 What tool exports the Management Configuration into a single file? A.    CPConfig_Export B.    Backup C.    Upgrade_Export D.    migrate export Answer: D NEW QUESTION 511 Which of the following process pulls applications monitoring status? A.    fwd B.    fwm C.    cpwd D.    cpd Answer: C Explanation: NEW QUESTION 512 SandBlast appliances can be deployed in the following modes: ____. A.    using a SPAN port to receive a copy of the traffic only B.    detect only C.    inline/prevent or detect D.    as a Mail Transfer Agent and as part of the we traffic flow only Answer: C NEW QUESTION 513 What utility would you use to configure route-based VPNs? A.    vpn shell B.    vpn tu C.    vpn sw_topology D.    vpn set_slim_server Answer: B NEW QUESTION 514 What SmartEvent component creates events? A.    Consolidation Policy B.    Correlation Unit C.    SmartEvent Policy D.    SmartEvent GUI Answer: B NEW QUESTION 515 In order to get info about assignment (FW, SND) of all CPUs in your SGW, what is the most accurate CLI command? A.    fw ctl sdstat B.    fw ctl affinity -l -a -r -v C.    fw ctl multik stat D.    cpinfo Answer: B NEW QUESTION 516 How many interfaces can you configure to use the Multi-Queue feature? A.    10 interfaces B.    3 interfaces C.    4 interfaces D.    5 interfaces Answer: D Explanation: NEW QUESTION 517 Which statement is NOT TRUE about Delta synchronization? A.    Using UDP Multicast or Broadcast on port 8161. B.    Using UDP Multicast or Broadcast on port 8116. C.    Quicker than Full Sync. D.    Transfers changes in the Kernel labels between cluster members. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 518 SmartEvent has several components that function together to track security threats. What is the function of the Correlation Unit as a component of this architecture? A.    Analyzes this log entry as it arrives at the log server according to the Event Policy. When a threat pattern is identified, an event is forwarded to the SmartEvent Server. B.    Correlates all the identified threats with the consolidation policy. C.    Collects syslog data from third party devices and saves them to the database. D.    Connects with the SmartEvent Client when generating threat reports. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 519 What is not a component of Check Point SandBlast? A.    Threat Emulation B.    Threat Simulation C.    Threat Extraction D.    Threat Cloud Answer: B NEW QUESTION 520 How can you see historical data with cpview? A.    cpview -d <timestamp> B.    cpview -t <timestamp> C.    cpview -f <timestamp> D.    cpview -e <timestamp> Answer: B Explanation: NEW QUESTION 521 Which configuration file contains the structure of the Security Servers showing the port numbers, corresponding protocol name, and status? A.    $FWDIR/database/fwauthd.conf B.    $FWDIR/conf/fwauth.conf C.    $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf D.    $FWDIR/state/fwauthd.conf Answer: C NEW QUESTION 522 How long may verification of one file take for Sandblast Threat Emulation? A.    up to 1 minutes B.    within seconds cleaned file will be provided C.    up to 5 minutes D.    up to 3 minutes Answer: B NEW QUESTION 523 For Management High Availability, which of the following is NOT a valid synchronization status? A.    Collision B.    Down C.    Lagging D.    Never been synchronized Answer: B Explanation: NEW QUESTION 524 To fully enable Dynamic Dispatcher with Firewall Priority Queues on a Security Gateway, run the following command in Expert mode then reboot: ____. A.    fw ctl multik set_mode 1 B.    fw ctl Dynamic_Priority_Queue on C.    fw ctl Dynamic_Priority_Queue enable D.    fw ctl multik set_mode 9 Answer: D Explanation: NEW QUESTION 525 How do you enable virtual mac (VMAC) on-the-fly on a cluster member? A.    cphaprob set int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled 1 B.    clusterXL set int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled 1; C.    cphaconf set int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled 1 D.    fw ctl set int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled 1 Answer: D NEW QUESTION 526 ...... Download the newest PassLeader 156-915.80 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 156-915.80 PDF dumps & 156-915.80 VCE dumps: (528 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) 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