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[12/Jan/2019 Updated] Reliable PassLeader 1Y0-311 Braindump with VCE and PDF Dumps Free Download

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Ensure HDX sessions are launched in the zone that is closest to user data, if possible. If the preferred zone for the user is unavailable, launch the session in an alternative zone. Which zone preference setting can the Citrix Engineer use to accomplish these objectives?

A.    App Home
B.    User Home
C.    User Location
D.    Mandatory User Home Zone

Answer: B

A company has three data center locations. Each location maintains a large number of users who will need to access applications and desktop resources. The company owns sufficient hardware resources and maintains sufficient financial resources to build its New XenDesktop infrastructure. The WAN connectivity between the three data centers is NOT reliable. Which deployment option should a Citrix Engineer implement to meet this requirement?

A.    A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (one Primary Zone and two Satellite Zones) and one SQL database.
B.    A single XenDesktop Site with three zones (one Primary Zone and two Satellite Zones) and one SQL database maintained in each zone.
C.    A multi-Site infrastructure, with each city maintaining its own fully functional Site and including at least one Delivery Controller and SQL database in each Site location.
D.    A single XenDesktop Site with three Satellite Zones and implementing with the infrastructure in the Citrix Cloud.

Answer: C

What is the primary Agent Host process that communicates with the Infrastructure Services server and is responsible for enforcing the session settings?

A.    Norskale Agent Host Service.exe
B.    Norskale Broker Service.exe
C.    Agent Cache Utility.exe
D.    Norskale Broker Service Configuration Utility.exe

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer completed the installation and setup of a new Workspace Environment Management (WEM) infrastructure. To begin administrator of the new environment, the engineer must configure the console so that it is longer in the default, disconnected state. Which three steps will the engineer take to complete the configuration? (Choose three.)

A.    Enter the name and port for the SQL database server in the New Connection window.
B.    Click “Connect” from within the “Home” tab of the Administration Console ribbon.
C.    Enter the Infrastructure Server Name and administration port information in the New Infrastructure Sever Connection window.
D.    Click "Connect" from within the “About” tab of the Administration Console ribbon.
E.    Launch the Workspace Environment Management Administration Console from the Start menu.

Answer: ABC

Which three vDisk migration scenarios are supported by Provisioning Services? (Choose three.)

A.    Importing a series of differencing disks originally created on Hyper-V to a Provisioning Services Store.
B.    Exporting a full vDisk chain from a Provisioning Services Store and importing it to a different Store in the same Provisioning Services Farm for the first time.
C.    Exporting a new .AVHDX file from a development Provisioning Services Store and importing it to a production Store in the same Farm that has the rest of the vDisk chain and pre-existing manifest file.
D.    Importing an individual .VHDX file originally created outside of Provisioning Services to a Provisioning Services Store.
E.    Exporting a merged vDisk from a provisioning Services Store and importing it to a Store in a different Provisioning Services Farm for the first time.

Answer: BDE

A Citrix Engineer is managing a XenApp and XenDesktop environment that has been built with the following site architecture:
– The environment consists of one Site with three zones.
– The primary Zone is located in datacenter A.
– Satellite Zone 1 is located in datacenter B.
– Satellite Zone 2 is located in datacenter C.
– Gateway A is in datacenter A.
– Gateway B is in datacenter B.
– A NetScaler Gateway has been set up in datacenter B. Each Gateway has access to all zones.
– The StoreFront server group is located in the Primary Zone and enumerates all resources within the Site.
– Delivery Controllers are configured in all three zones.
– Application B is available in all zones.
– A User Home has been configured for User 1 in Satellite Zone 2.
– Optimal Gateway Routing has been configured so that Gateway A is preferred for the Primary Zone and Satellite Zone 2; Gateway B is preferred for Satellite Zone 1.
User 1 is located near datacenter A, logs in through NetScaler Gateway and attempts to launch Application B. What will be the expected behavior in this scenario?

A.    Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway B.
B.    Resource enumeration and the HDX connection are established using Gateway A.
C.    Resource enumeration occurs using Gateway B; the HDX connection is established using Gateway A.
D.    Resource enumeration occurs using Gateway B; the HDX connection is established using Gateway A.
E.    Resource enumeration occurs using Gateway A; the HDX connection is established using Gateway B.

Answer: E

A Citrix Engineer recently completed the configuration and implementation of various Workspace Environment Management (WEM) actions for different users within an environment. The engineer would like to confirm that all the appropriate configurations were completed for each of the users and decides to launch the Modeling Wizard. What is the next step the engineer can take to confirm that each user’s actions were correctly configured?

A.    Select the account name of the user, complete the wizard and review the output on the Resultant User Groups screen.
B.    Add any group name of which the user is a member, complete the wizard and review the output on the resultant Actions screen.
C.    Select the account name of the user, complete the wizard and review the output on the Resultant Actions screen.
D.    Add any group name of which the user is a member, complete the wizard and review the output on the Resultant User Groups screen.

Answer: C

Which repository can a Citrix Engineer use to store Elastic Layers within the network?

A.    Windows File Server Share
B.    Hypervisor data store
C.    SharePoint site
D.    FTP Server

Answer: A

Which component of Workspace Environment Management (WEM) is responsible for enforcing session settings?

A.    Active Directory infrastructure
B.    Agent Host
C.    SQL Database
D.    Infrastructure Services Broker

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer recently implemented Workspace Environment Management (WEM) into an existing XenDesktop infrastructure to include deploying the Agent Host on several Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines. The engineer created two WEM Sites (Site A and Site B) with various global settings set for the users of each site. Upon rolling out the new WEM infrastructure to production the engineer noticed that users from Site B were NOT receiving their global settings within the sessions. What could be the cause of this issue?

A.    Some of the Agent Hosts were NOT configured to point to the Broker Service in Site.
B.    The Agent port setting was NOT configured using GPO.
C.    The Management Agent Host Configuration ADMX template was NOT imported to all VDAs.
D.    A Windows firewall rule on the Infrastructure Services server is blocking the port required to communicate with Site.

Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator needs to install a new application on a Desktop OS machine. A new ISO image was added to the CIFS file share that is attached to the storage repository. When the administrator tries to install the application, the ISO is NOT showing as available. Which xe command should the administrator run to make the ISO image available?

A.    sr-scan
B.    sr-update
C.    vm-cd-add
D.    vm-disk-add

Answer: A

Users complain that they are NOT able to print to the new special barcode printers attached to their client devices. However, they can print to other mapped printers. What should a Citrix Administrator do to resolve this issue?

A.    Configure the Printer Assignments policy setting.
B.    Set the Client printer redirection policy to Allowed.
C.    Configure Default Print Flags on the Desktop OS machines.
D.    Pre-stage manufacturer-provided printer drivers on the Desktop OS machines using pnputil.exe.

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator needs to retrieve a license from a user who has left the organization. Which command should the administrator execute on the License Server to complete this task without retrieving licenses from other users?

A.    lmutil
B.    lmdown
C.    net stop
D.    udadmin

Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator deployed a new version of Citrix Receiver to users. Which two tools could the administrator use to determine if connected users are using the new version? (Choose two.)

A.    Citrix Studio
B.    Citrix Director
C.    Desktop Log files
D.    StoreFront Console

Answer: AB

Which two Citrix policy setting must a Citrix Engineer enable to apply Quality of Service (QoS) setting to the HDX protocol? (Choose two.)

A.    Multi-Stream user setting
B.    Legacy graphics mode
C.    HDX Adaptive Transport
D.    Multi-Stream computer setting
E.    Framework display channel

Answer: AD

A Citrix Engineer selected the Provisioning Services write cache option “Cache on server persistent” for a vDisk. The engineer needs to ensure that users are NOT interrupted if a Provisioning Services server fails. What should the engineer configure to enable high availability (HA) on the Provisioning Services servers?

A.    Enable HA for the Provisioning Services database.
B.    Change the write cache location to cache on the device.
C.    Place the write cache on a Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) share.
D.    Copy the write cache from one server to the second server.

Answer: A


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