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B.    An administrator can change it with MS LDAP integration and SSL. C.    A user can change it with open LDAP. D.    A user must change it using Active Directory. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 157 Which type of containers are managed by Cisco VACS? A.    Windows Containers B.    Application Container C.    Linux Containers D.    VM Containers Answer: B NEW QUESTION 158 When defining a Cisco Virtual Application Container template within Cisco UCS Director, which important is needed in regards to security posture? A.    Cisco Nexus ACLs that must be deleted. B.    Network ports that must be enabled. C.    Firewall contexts that require rule updates. D.    Edge Sourcefire IPS that must disabled. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 159 After experiencing an unexpected storage outage, a cloud administrator finds the Cisco UCS Director VM is corrupted. Which feature can be utilized to recover from this impaired state? A.    VM Live Migration B.    Log File Analysis C.    VM High Availability D.    Database Restore E.    UCS Service Profiles Answer: E NEW QUESTION 160 When RBAC is being used within a UCS Director environment, how can a server team member be delivered the rights of a network admin? A.    Assigning the Network Admin privileges to the user. B.    Copying server workflows into the network team. C.    Changing the user's role to Network Admin. D.    Creating a new role with privileges from both teams. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 161 A cloud admin wants to change the memory options in an existing UCS Director catalog used by developers to create new virtual machines. Which policy must be modified in order to accomplish this? A.    Storage B.    Computing C.    Service Delivery D.    Network Answer: A NEW QUESTION 162 A Cisco UCS Director system administrator wants to control the catalog items that a consumer sees in the standard service catalog. Which option should be applied to a user account? A.    Customer Organization B.    Login Name C.    Compute Policy D.    User Role Answer: A NEW QUESTION 163 A cloud admin must modify a Cisco UCS Director catalog item to deliver more memory options to developers when deploying new applications. Which policy must be modified to accomplish this task? A.    system B.    compute C.    storage D.    virtualization Answer: C NEW QUESTION 164 An engineer is having issues with a virtual machine running VACS and Nexus 1000V. Which action will assist the engineer in troubleshooting the issues? A.    Enable ERSPAN on the virtual application container and supply a destination for forwarding and analyzing traffic. B.    Enable ERSPAN on the 1000V virtual switch and supply a destination for forwarding and analyzing traffic. C.    Perform a `show tech' on the container and forward the output to TAC. D.    Create a detailed report outlining the appropriate values for the issue. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 165 When placing an order as a Prime Service Catalog end user, which two locations can be checked for status on open requisitions? (Choose two.) A.    My Stuff B.    Administration C.    Order Management D.    Service Portal E.    Help Answer: AE NEW QUESTION 166 Which two are types of internal dictionaries in Cisco Prime Service catalog? (Choose two.) A.    Internal Free-Form B.    Length Based C.    Key Paired-Based D.    Service Item-Based E.    Orchestration Based Answer: AD NEW QUESTION 167 Which UDP port is used for NTP within a data center network? A.    443 B.    123 C.    53 D.    80 Answer: B NEW QUESTION 168 Which action must an engineer take to create SNMP traps within Cisco UCS Performance Manager? A.    Ensure sufficient bandwidth. B.    Define the SNMP trap host. C.    Create a trigger. D.    Select a port channel. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 169 Which two Cisco Prime Service Catalog templates are Cisco UCS Director based services? (Choose two.) A.    Install Jabber for iPad B.    Register BYOD Personal Device C.    Reset Voicemail Password D.    Create Load-balance Service E.    Add VM to Virtual Data Center Answer: BE NEW QUESTION 170 How can a virtualization engineer validate that a Cisco UCS Director workflow has provisioned a virtual machine within VMware? A.    A new service profile is provisioned by Cisco UCS Manager. B.    A new entry appears in vSphere Recent Tasks. C.    A new datastore appears under the host configuration tab. D.    An SNMP trap is sent from the ESXi host. E.    An alert in entered under the vSphere Alarms tab. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 171 Which UCS Director feature allows for departmental chargeback within a private cloud infrastructure? A.    VPLEX B.    RBAC C.    Cost Models D.    Advanced Workflows E.    CloudSense Reports Answer: C NEW QUESTION 172 In Cisco UCS Performance Manager, an engineer wants to set up a custom selection of servers to check server health and monitor status. The engineer should use which option to complete this task? A.    host group B.    threshold group C.    cluster D.    service profile Answer: D NEW QUESTION 173 A program is set up to count the number of lines in a file. An engineer is performing cloud monitoring to check the performance. What is the result for this program? A.    cache bound B.    I/O bound C.    CPU bound D.    memory bound Answer: B NEW QUESTION 174 Which Cisco UCS Performance Manager dashboard display helps an engineer to monitor bandwidth consumption? A.    UCS Inventory B.    Blade Server Capacity C.    Chassis Capacity D.    Domain Overview Answer: B NEW QUESTION 175 Which option can be visually determined when using host group dependency mapping to improve troubleshooting? A.    communication patterns of ESXi hosts B.    VMs communication network C.    resource utilization of Cisco UCS domains D.    underlying infrastructure for a group of hosts Answer: C NEW QUESTION 176 Drag and Drop An engineer needs to back up the UCS Director database. Drag the steps on the left to the order they must be performed on the right. Not all options used. Answer: NEW QUESTION 177 Which of the following is an invalid tool for Chargeback Implementation? A.    Capacity analysis tool B.    Billing system C.    Chargeback mediation tool D.    Data provisioning tools Answer: B NEW QUESTION 178 Which two image types are used by a KVM hypervisor? (Choose two.) A.    VHD B.    RAW C.    QCOW2 D.    EXIF E.    VMDK3 Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 179 An engineer must access VMs provisioned from different assigned resources by using predefined policies in Cisco UCS Director. Which component provides this access? A.    Orchestrator B.    Stack Designer C.    Storefront D.    Portal Answer: A NEW QUESTION 180 In which two locations can a Prime Service catalog user find the status of ongoing orders? (Choose two.) A.    Service Manager B.    Notifications C.    My Stuff D.    Account Settings E.    Shopping Cart Answer: AC NEW QUESTION 181 ...... Download the newest PassLeader 210-455 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 210-455 PDF dumps & 210-455 VCE dumps: (182 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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