This page was exported from Bring Success With PassLeader New Real MCSD Exam Dumps [ ] Export date:Wed Apr 24 4:19:54 2019 / +0000 GMT ___________________________________________________ Title: [New Exam Dumps] PassLeader New 220-801 Braindump With VCE Files For Free Download --------------------------------------------------- New Updated 220-801 Exam Questions from PassLeader 220-801 pdf dumps! Welcome to download the newest PassLeader 220-801 vce dumps: (1207 Q&As) Keywords: 220-801 exam dumps, 220-801 exam questions, 220-801 vce dumps, 220-801 pdf dumps, 220-801 practice test, 220-801 study guide, CompTIA A+ 220-801 Certification Exam NEW QUESTION 873After a technician installs a video card, which of the following should the technician configure NEXT? A.    ResolutionB.    ColorsC.    Dots per inchD.    Refresh rate Answer: AExplanation:Video card is related to the resolution and color. To make sure the card is installed correctly and working properly, you need to check the resolution. If the desired resolution is not achieved, you can change the video card for a better one you can adjust the video card in the slot. NEW QUESTION 874A technician would like to connect to a computer using remote desktop. Which of the following ports does remote desktop use by default? A.    22B.    443C.    3389D.    8080 Answer: CExplanation:The default port for remote desktop application is 3389. (see forward TCP port 3389) NEW QUESTION 875Which of the following should a technician do NEXT after reporting an incident? A.    Delete the contentB.    Confiscate the PCC.    Go back to workD.    Document the incident Answer: DExplanation:When the incident is reported, the best thing to do afterward is to document the details of the incident especially in the hardware case. The documenting of the incident will help determine the cause of the problem and the circumstances in which the problem occurred. NEW QUESTION 876Which of the following MUST be configured when trying to start a machine with a DVD? A.    TPMB.    Virtualization supportC.    BIOS securityD.    Boot order Answer: DExplanation:By default BIOS boot order is configured to boot the computer from the hard disk. When installing Windows from a DVD or any other OS, you need to set the preferred boot order to DVD so the computer can scan the DVD drive to get the boot data and boot from the DVD. NEW QUESTION 877After setting up a new computer, a user states that the mouse and keyboard will not work. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason? A.    The network cable is disconnectedB.    The PS/2 connectors are switchedC.    The USB connectors are switchedD.    The hard drive is unplugged Answer: BExplanation:It is normal to switch the PS/2 connectors in older computers. PS/2 connectors are present side by side at the back of a computer casing. Both are colored to avoid switching but sometimes the keyboard is switched to a mouse PS/2 port and the mouse is connected to keyboard PS/2 port. So first check PS/2 connector to see whether the problem lies with PS/2 connectors. NEW QUESTION 878Which of the following interfaces are used to simultaneously transfer video and audio at high rates? A.    HDMIB.    DVI-DC.    S-VideoD.    DVI-I Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 879Which of the following uses a single connector to deliver both video and audio? A.    DVIB.    SerialC.    VGAD.    HDMI Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 880Which of the following would allow for multiple computers to share a display and input devices? A.    AGP video adapterB.    KVM switchC.    Portable TDRD.    PCI video adapter Answer: BExplanation: NEW QUESTION 881Which of the following connector types uses a single RCA style connector? A.    DVIB.    VGAC.    RGBD.    Composite video Answer: DExplanation: (see composite video jack) NEW QUESTION 882When a power supply does not meet minimum requirements for a motherboard, which of the following can happen? A.    Computer will not POSTB.    Computer will overheatC.    Monitor will not power onD.    Processor will not run at proper speed Answer: AExplanation:When the power is not supplied to the motherboard, the computer will not start because it needs electricity to run. Hence, the computer will not POST (power on self test) NEW QUESTION 883The SODIMM memory form factor is generally used in which of the following? A.    LaptopsB.    ServersC.    DesktopsD.    Workstations Answer: AExplanation: NEW QUESTION 884A composite cable connects to which of the following connectors? A.    HDMIB.    S-videoC.    DVID.    RCA Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 885Please click on the exhibit button. Which of the following connector types is displayed? A.    BNCB.    Din-6C.    DisplayPortD.    DB-15 Answer: DExplanation: NEW QUESTION 886…… NEW QUESTION 1201Drag and Drop QuestionDrag and drop the characteristics to the correct printer types. Options may be used once. Answer: NEW QUESTION 1202…… NEW QUESTION 1203Drag and Drop QuestionsA customer has requested two custom PCs, one for his family room and one for his home office. The family room PC will be used by all the family members and should be able to playhigh definition movies and show family pictures. The office PC is used for the customer's architectural design business and should be able to handle the intensive design work and multitasking the customer performs. The office PC must be configured with more power efficient computing than the family room PC. Instructions: Use the tabs at the top to switch between the PCs. Objects should be placed on the appropriate slot/display areas and can only be used once. All slot/display areas should be filled. 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