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Using default settings, what describes the difference between rating suspect and positive spam?

A.    Suspect spam is matched into the SUSPECTUST, where as Positive spam matches on the BLACKLIST.
B.    Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 74 and positive is 75 or greater.
C.    Suspect spam has a reputation score between -1 and -3 and positive is between -3 and -10.
D.    Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 89 and positive is 90 or greater.

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. You need to configure an LDAP profile based on the directory. What Base DN will provide an efficient search on all of the users in the alpha.com domain?

A.    DC=wsa,DC=train
B.    DC=train
C.    OU= users, OU=alpha.com,DC=w$a,DC=train
D.    OU=alpha. com,DC=wsa,DC=train
E.    CN=alanalpha,OU=uscrs,OU=alpha.com,DC=wsa,DC=train

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit. You have finished an installation, but the customer cannot receive mail from a business partner. Based on the mail log, how should you explain this to the customer? How can you allow this mail to be accepted into the customer’s domain?

A.    Have their business partner contact IronPort support to adjust their reputation score.
B.    The business partner’s MTA has been blocked based on their reputation.
Adjust the settings on the blacklist from -10 to – 3.0 to -10 to -7.7.
The suspectlist will scan this domain for spam.
C.    Allow mail delivered from this site by changing the RAT settings from moderate to conservative.
D.    The business partner’s MTA has been blocked based on their reputation.
Suggest whitelisting their partner’s domain, but caution them about anti-spam being disabled.

Answer: D

Which one of the following choices describe the difference between private and public listeners?

A.    The connection behavior for a public listener will always be to relay the messages.
A private listener will always have an accept connection behavior, which mean that it will check the RCPT TO field of the message against the listener’s RAT before delivering the message.
B.    The public listener receives connections from many hosts and directs messages to a limited number of recipients defined in the RAT.
A private listener receives connections from a limited number of hosts, defined in its HAT, and directs them to many recipients.
A public listener can function as a private by configuring a relay list.
C.    A public listener will accept and forward all of its incoming mail based on the reputation scores of public IP addresses.
A private listener uses only private IP addresses defined in its relay list to accept and deliver outgoing mail.
D.    Public and private listeners are configured on the Data 1 and Data 2 interfaces respectively.
A private listener accepts and forwards outgoing mail, and public listener accepts and forwards incoming mail.
Their roles cannot be interchanged.

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. After an installation, some configuration mistakes were performed that prevented email delivery. According to the mail log, what is the most likely problem?

A.    exchange.bravo.com needs to be configured in the RAT
B.    An SMTP route needs to be fixed for exchange.inside.com exchange.bravo.com needs to be removed from the SUSPECTUST.
C.    exchange.bravo.com needs to be configured on the RELAVUST.
D.    No configuration problem. Just too many messages received by the mail server exchange.bravo.com thus causing them to be queued.

Answer: C

You are configuring a group query on the C-Series appliance using Open LDAP. The two pictures of the directory have the names of the attributes highlighted that need to be searched on in this group query. Create the query string for this group query ____.


How do you check the time remaining on feature keys?

A.    Click on System Admin > Feature Keys
B.    Click on System Admin > Feature Key Settings
C.    Click on Mail Policies > Signing Keys
D.    Click on Monitor > System Status

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Can the next step be to configure the encrypt action in a content filter?

A.    No. First you need to commit your changes, and click Provision.
B.    Yes. CRE5 has been added, The next step is to configure the outgoing mail policy.
C.    Yes. CRES has been added, The next step is to create the content filter.
D.    No. First you need to click the provision button.

Answer: A

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the LDAP directory, what attribute names contain the value brian@exchange.bravo.com? (Choose two.)

A.    sAMAcccountName
B.    mailRcuting Address
C.    userPrincipalName
D.    mail
E.    mailLocalAddress

Answer: BD

In the DLP Policy Manager, you have changed the "Action Applied to Messages:" from the default setting to "drop" for those messages, what medium severity?

A.    Deliver
B.    Quarantine
C.    Encrypt
D.    Drop

Answer: A

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