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A.    Add an ACL to the Firewall to block VoIP. B.    Change the settings on the phone system to use SIP-TLS. C.    Have the phones download new configuration over TFTP. D.    Enable QoS configuration on the phone VLAN. Answer: AB NEW QUESTION 382 A network engineer is upgrading the network perimeter and installing a new firewall, IDS, and external edge router. The IDS is reporting elevated UDP traffic and the Internal Routers are reporting high utilization. Which of the following is the BEST solution? A.    Reconfigure the firewall to block external UDP traffic. B.    Establish a security baseline on the IDS. C.    Block echo reply traffic at the firewall. D.    Modify the edge router to not forward broadcast traffic Answer: D NEW QUESTION 383 An engineer needs to provide access to company resources for several offshore contractors. The contractors require: - Access to a number of applications, including internal websites. - Access to database data and the ability to manipulate it. - The ability to log into Linux and Windows servers remotely. Which of the following remote access technologies are the BEST choices to provide all of this access securely? (Choose two.) A.    VTC B.    VRRP C.    VLAN D.    VDI E.    VPN F.    Telnet Answer: DE NEW QUESTION 384 An administrator has noticed mobile devices from an adjacent company on the corporate wireless network. Malicious activity is being reported from those devices. To add another layer of security in an enterprise environment an administrator wants to add contextual authentication to allow users to access enterprise resources only while present in corporate buildings. Which of the following technologies would accomplish this? A.    Port security. B.    Rogue device detection C.    Bluetooth D.    GPS Answer: B NEW QUESTION 385 A security consultant is improving the physical security of a sensitive site and takes pictures of the unbranded building to include in the report. Two weeks later, the security consultant misplaces the phone, which only has one hour of charge left on it. The person who finds the phone removes the MicroSD card in an attempt to discover the owner to return it. The person extracts the following data from the phone and EXIF data from some files: - DCIM images folder - Audio books folder - Torrents - My TAN xls file - Consultancy HR Manual doc file - Camera: SM-G950F - Exposure time: 1/60 s - Location: 3500 Lacey Road USA Which of the following BEST describes the security problem? A.    MicroSD is not encrypted and also contains personal data. B.    MicroSD contains a mixture of personal and work data. C.    MicroSD is nor encrypted and contains geotagging information. D.    MicroSD contains pirated software and is not encrypted. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 386 A Chief Information Officer (CIO) has mandated that all web-based applications the company uses are required to be hosted on the newest stable operating systems and application stack. Additionally, a monthly report must be generated and provided to the audit department. Which of the following security tools should a security analyst use to provide the BEST information? A.    Protocol analyzer B.    Network enumerator C.    Penetration testing platform D.    Vulnerability scanner E.    GRC software Answer: D NEW QUESTION 387 During the deployment of a new system, the implementation team determines that APIs used to integrate the new system with a legacy system are not functioning properly. Further investigation shows there is a misconfigured encryption algorithm used to secure data transfers between systems. Which of the following should the project manager use to determine the source of the defined algorithm in use? A.    Code repositories. B.    Security requirements traceability matrix. C.    Software development life cycle. D.    Data design diagram. E.    Roles matrix. F.    Implementation guide. Answer: E NEW QUESTION 388 As part of an organization's compliance program, administrators must complete a hardening checklist and note any potential improvements. The process of noting potential improvements in the checklist is MOST likely driven by ____. A.    the collection of data as part of the continuous monitoring program B.    adherence to policies associated with incident response C.    the organization's software development life cycle D.    changes in operating systems or industry trends Answer: C NEW QUESTION 389 A protect manager is working with a team that is tasked to develop software applications in a structured environment and host them in a vendor's cloud-based Infrastructure. The organization will maintain responsibility for the software but wit not manage the underlying server applications. Which of the following does the organization plan to leverage? A.    SaaS B.    PaaS C.    IaaS D.    Hybrid cloud E.    Network virtualization Answer: A NEW QUESTION 390 A security engineer has been hired to design a device that will enable the exfiltration of data from within a well-defended network perimeter ding an authorized test. The device must bypass all firewalls and NIDS place as well as allow in the upload of commands from a cent, allied command and control server. The total cost of the deuce must be kept to a minimum in case the device is discovered doing an assessment. Which of the following tools should the engineer load onto the device being designed? A.    Custom firmware with routing key generation. B.    Automatic MITM proxy. C.    TCP beacon broadcast software. D.    Reverse shell endpoint listener. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 391 A security incident responder discovers an attacker has gained access to a network and has overwritten key system files with backdoor software. The server was reimaged and patched offline. Which of the following tools should be implemented to detect similar attacks? A.    Vulnerability scanner B.    TPM C.    Host-based firewall D.    File integrity monitor E.    NIPS Answer: C NEW QUESTION 392 The finance department has started to use a new payment system that requires strict Pll security restrictions on various network devices. The company decides to enforce the restrictions and configure all devices appropriately. Which of the following risk response strategies is being used? A.    Avoid B.    Mitigate C.    Transfer D.    Accept Answer: A NEW QUESTION 393 ...... Download the newest PassLeader CAS-003 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! CAS-003 PDF dumps & CAS-003 VCE dumps: (396 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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