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Other hosts that have the same WWPN also appear to logged in. Which action resolves the issue? A.    Remove the local disks that are connected to the blade. B.    Ensure that the storage array is cable correctly. C.    Explicitly register all the paths on the storage array. D.    Configure that LUN masking is applied correctly. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 401 In Cisco UCS Central you have a certificate that has the status set to Not Yet Valid. Which scenario could cause the issue? A.    The time is incorrectly synchronized. B.    The trusted point uses a bundled certificate that has a minimum depth of 10. C.    The certificate field is empty. D.    The certificate is issued by a different trusted point. Answer: A NEW QUESTION 402 You have a Cisco APIC environment. An administrator configures the administrator roles for managing a service configuration. You discover that some tenants can import device clusters but cannot use the device clusters. What should you do to ensure that the tenants can use the device clusters? A.    Change the ready-only access permission for the tenants to read-write. B.    Grant the tenants the nw-svc-device privilege. C.    Grant the tenant the nw-svc-devshared privilege. D.    Grant the tenant the nw-svc-policy privilege. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 403 Refer to the following words: ID is duplicated assigned You see the fault when configuring a global ID pool on Cisco UCS Central. Which scenario could cause the issue? A.    Global service profiles consume IDs from the blocks that have an assigned ID range qualifier. B.    The same ID is assigned to the service profiles in two registered domains. C.    The same ID is defined in Cisco UCS Central and Cisco UCS Manager. D.    The same IP address is configured in two registered domains. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 404 You have an FEX connected with two uplinks. When you attempt to set the max-link parameter to 4 for the FEX, you receive an error message. Which issue could cause the error? A.    There are too few links. B.    The links are configures as port channels. C.    The FEX is offline. D.    The links must be domain prior to changing the parameters. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 405 The external routes are unreachable from the fabric in a Cisco ACI environment. What should you do? A.    Configure BGP for IPv6. B.    Configure BGP confederation. C.    Apply the BGP policy map to the interface. D.    Enable MP-BGP in the fabric. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 406 Refer to the exhibit: What does the output in the Scope column indicate? A.    the fabric zone to which the rule applies B.    the VRF tenant to which the rule applies C.    the VRF segment to which the rule applies D.    the EPG to which the rule apples Answer: C NEW QUESTION 407 Refer to the exhibit: A Cisco UCS Director appliance that has the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent installed fails to boot from the PXE TFTP and the Bare Metal Agents are running. Which action do you take to resolve the issue? A.    Restart the TFTP service. B.    Restart the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent services. C.    Reinstall the Cisco UCS Director Bare Metal Agent. D.    Reinstall TFTP. Answer: B NEW QUESTION 408 Refer to the exhibit: What should you do to release the lock on the device alias database? A.    Change the device alias mode to enhanced. B.    Ensure that the zone alias is configured. C.    Disable the fabric distribution. D.    Commit the pending changes. Answer: D NEW QUESTION 409 Which two maintenance policy options can you use to specify when the Cisco UCS Manager deploys a service profile change? (Choose two.) A.    on the next reboot B.    when acknowledged by any user C.    immediately D.    when acknowledged by a user with root privileges E.    when acknowledged by a user with administrator privileges Answer: CE NEW QUESTION 410 VM-1 and VM-3 are in different EPGs but in the same BD. Which statement about the communication between VM-1 and VM-3 is true? A.    The packet must transverse a Layer 3 interface. B.    The flow uses unencapsulated VLANs. C.    The flow must transverse the spine. D.    The flow stays local to the leaf switch. Answer: C NEW QUESTION 411 You have a node in a decommissioned state. What could cause the issue? A.    The node was disabled by the user. B.    The node is unreachable. C.    The node is in a transient state. D.    The node cannot join the fabric Answer: A NEW QUESTION 412 Drag and Drop Refer to the exhibit: Boot from SAN fails. The host fails to detect the LUNs. You must resolve the issue. Drag and drop the VVWPNs on the left to the correct zones on the right. Answer: NEW QUESTION 413 ...... Download the newest PassLeader 300-180 dumps from now! 100% Pass Guarantee! 300-180 PDF dumps & 300-180 VCE dumps: (416 Q&As) (New Questions Are 100% Available and Wrong Answers Have Been Corrected! Free VCE simulator!) P.S. 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